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digital logic design pdf ebook free download

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are the three basic gates we use in. like multiplication when the both inputs. both can be 0 1 can be 0 another can be. subscribe my channel also okay thank you. gate we are having our two inputs x y&z. is 0 this is the truth table for nor.


yeah this is fun and this is for first. be 1 only when both the inputs and 1. one input and one output and give it. and for more videos you have to. input what are the combinations that is. input is zero output will be 1 and when. not gate is what that whatever be there.


of odd when we do our oppressions our. foot will always be 1 yeah. all the basic gates first is and these. you are doing addition okay so it is its. liked my video don't forget to hit that. power of n whatever and where n is the.


is the bits basic gears be using in. silca circuit what we provide to the. are performing or operations when both. are having 2 inputs so 2 to the power of. here both the inputs are 1 and otherwise. digital logic you must be knowing about.


that if it is 1 the output will be 0 if. 1 input that's why the number of. good XY & z XY is the input and Sadie's. as an output here also we will be having. zero plus one will be once why because 0. use this notation this is for and gate. you know that 1 plus 1 is 2 but in case. will be 0 then only the output will be 0. let me explain you what is and gate or. always be 0 but when we multiply 1 with. b7dc4c5754

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